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Letasoft Sound Booster

Letasoft Sound Booster

Flysoft Booster improves the sound Speaker maximum volume of your PC if you have a problem hearing the program you are using.

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Do not be a YouTube video volume much lower than normal, to the extent that you almost hear nothing, to make you crazy? Do you have hearing problems in general, which makes it difficult for you to use some of the programs of your computer?
Flysoft Sound Booster lend a hand by increasing the speaker volume of your device with up to 500%. This change in a volume will automatically be applied to all of the programs that you use on your PC. Your ears will stop suffering, as long as you don’t change the volume too much.
Flysoft Sound Booster was very basic in that sense, maybe. We want to be able to regulate the volume increase for each program. For example, we want to increase the volume of GTA 5 game with 93%, but on YouTube we only need to increase by 24%. Unfortunately, this program has no such features and you need to go back and adjust the volume each time you switch programs.

So easy to use that we only need one paragraph
Flysoft Sound Booster is very easy to install and use. The installation process requires just a few moments and then the program will appear with your system tray icon in the TaskBar. You just need to click on it to determine the percentage increase in the volume that you want, from 0 to 500%.

Simple and effective, perhaps too!
It should be noted that Flysoft Sound booster is not 100% free. After 14 days, the trial period will end and at that time you will have to pay for a license if you want to continue using the program.
Flysoft Sound Booster is created for a single purpose, which satisfies very well. The only problem is extreme simplicity; We’ll be happy to play with this a little more.

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